Tuesday, January 28, 2014

It has been about two years since I took the time to write anything interesting let alone worthy of the blog sphere. My separation from the military came and went without very much fan fare just another day and another excuse to ingest far to much coffee... that will have to be all for now until the next time

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Suicide is never painless

The Army Suicide Prevention Program's mission is to improve readiness through the development and enhancement of the Army Suicide Prevention Program policies designed to minimize suicide behavior; thereby preserving mission effectiveness through individual readiness for Soldiers, their Families, and Department of the Army civilians.

If you are feeling distressed or hopeless, thinking about death or wanting to die, or, if you are concerned about someone who may be suicidal, please contact Suicide Prevention Lifeline at
1-800-273-TALK (8255).

I sounds easy enough sevice members have a large support network to help them in times of emotional crisis
but like anything the govt atempts there are allways barriers to care. The first thing that happens to a soldier when he reports he needs help is his chain of command will do is to ensure he or she atended suicide prevention training normaly given once a year then next step will be to flag his medical line score with a temporary 3 on his phyciatric portion esentialy halting the soldiers advancements so its no wonder why so many do not even seek the help that is there but turn to other options.

Suicide may seem like the only option  for a soldier in need but trust me when I tell you it is not the answer.

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

The old me

For those of you who are wondering why I deleted my previous flikr account the answer is rather simple I was under pressure from my puppeteers to be a more politically correct grunt. Apparently some bright egg at the Oklahoma military department decided that my usage of the “Derschwarzenmann” was insensitive to Americans of African decent. This decision was more than likely made by a timid white woman who happens to wear a uniform; as I explained the concept of the Der schwarze Mann to this person via email I got the indication from the reply that although it may be clear enough to persons who speak German it is not an image the united states army or the national guard or even the state of Oklahoma wishes to foster. It is amazing after all that they actually sent us to New Orleans when the Oklahoma Guard has a history of ill treatment of minorities, this is a reference to the Tulsa race riots when the Tulsa area national guard participated in the riot and gave out weapons to many of the whites to as it was put so tenderly in the Tulsa tribune “we are going on a coon hunt” So the sins of the fathers are still in effect in the state of Oklahoma. Another thing s that before we left for New Orleans many of our riot batons had to be left behind as some persons in battalion have taken to decorating the batons with double lightning bolts. So in Germany the Bogeyman is known as Der schwarze Mann (the black man) or the Butzemann. &;Schwarz" this does not refer to the color of skin but to his preference for hiding in dark places, like the closet, under the bed of children or in forests at night. In an effort to just get along with these idiots until December I opted to delete my old flikr account and make a change or two on my blog. I would have preferred to settle this in a civilized fashion … with drawn Sabers on the parade field.

Getting better

Been in treatment for some of my more interesting service conected problems nothing like spending
quality time with ex convicts and various addicted persons

Thursday, June 16, 2011

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